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Upcoming Semester Courses, Summer 2016

The Summer Semester Begins on June 6th and ends July 30th, 2016

FST/FPE 504 Food Biotechnology - Instructor: Dr. Wei Zhang, Ph.D. - Monday and Wednesday: 5:00 pm-7:40 pm, Course will be taught at IIT Mies Campus (and offered VIA Internet), Building and Room Number: TBD

Introduction of biotechnology in the food industry including genetic engineering of microorganisms. Fundamentals of microbial genomics and proteomics. Practice of a variety of software and bioinformatics tools including database search, sequence alignment, phylogenetic and cluster analyses, gene prediction, genomic map construction, structural and functional prediction of proteins. Applications of DNA fingerprinting techniques in food safety and public health. (3-0-3)
Prerequisite: Biology or Microbiology

FST/FPE 511 Food Law and Regulations - Instructor: Richard Schell, J.D. - Tuesday and Thursday 10:00 am-12:40 pm, Course will be taught at IIT Mies Campus (and offered VIA Internet), Building and Room Number: TBD

Legal & Scientific issues in regulating the nation’s food supply and nutritional status. Rules of regulatory agencies, federal and Illinois agencies, Federal & Illinois Food Drug & Cosmetic Act. Key definitions, standards, adulterated and misbranded food, manufacturing processed food & manufacturing food in compliance will be covered as well as legislative updates and key food legal and regulatory developing issues. (3-0-3)