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Supply Chain Management Specialization

The Industrial Technology and Management Program (INTM) at IIT offers a specialization in Supply Chain Management (SCM) at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The SCM specialization is for students with experience or interest in supply chain activities to include transportation and logistics, warehousing, distribution, purchasing/procurement, and export/import management. Supply Chain topics are taught by faculty with professional experience in inventory management, sourcing, sales and operations planning, global transportation systems, and sustainable supply chains.

Students completing the Supply Chain Management specialization may advance into careers as supply chain analysts, supply chain managers, purchasing/procurement managers, transportation managers, fleet managers, and inventory specialists or analysts.


Students complete four (4) of the following elections to earn the SCM specialization.

  • INTM 409/509 Inventory Control
  • INTM 430/530 Transportation
  • INTM 441/540 Supply Chain Management
  • INTM 442/542 Warehousing and Distribution
  • INTM 443/543 Purchasing
  • INTM 444/544 Export/Import
  • INTM 446/546 Manufacturing and Logistics Information Systems
  • INTM 547 Supply Chain Strategies

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Supply Chain Management Faculty:

  • Robert Footlik, P.E., Adjunct Professor; Materials Handling, Facilities Planning

  • Mark Calhoun, Adjunct Professor; Supply Chain Management and Logistics

  • Kerry Fechner, Adjunct Professor; Supply Chain Strategies

  • Rob Hoffman, Adjunct Professor; Worldwide Intermodal Transportation

  • Jagjit Jain, Adjunct Professor; Export/Import Management

  • Mazin Safar, Industry Professor, INTM Program Director; Inventory Control

  • Herb Shields, Adjunct Professor, INTM Career Development Advisor; Logistics and Supply Chain

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