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International Union of Operating Engineers/IUOE 399

International Union of Operating Engineers/IUOE 399

Advancement for Trainees and Journeyman Stationary Engineers

INTM has an established partnership with The International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 399. Graduates of the IUOE Local 399/Triton College and/or Facilities Engineering Technology AAS degree programs or equivalent now have the opportunity to continue their education and obtain a bachelor’s degree in the INTM Program at IIT, with support from the IUOE Local Education Training Fund (ETF).

Obtaining the Bachelor of Industrial Technology and Management (BINTM) degree requires the transfer of 63 credits from an accredited college and completion of 63 credits at IIT, for a total of 126 credits. Most students attend on a part-time basis (taking two or three courses per semester) and finish the program in about four years; however students may proceed through the program at their own pace. All INTM courses meet live at Main Campus in Chicago and are available online, offering great flexibility for those who work varying shifts or travel frequently for work. Admission requirements, curriculum and course descriptions are detailed in the BINTM Program Description and the IIT Undergraduate Bulletin.

IUOE 399 ETF Tuition Benefit Program

IUOE Local 399 ETF offers a Tuition Benefit Program for members in good standing. View the ETF Tuition Benefit Program brochure for details.

For questions about the INTM program, admission requirements and other matters related to attending IIT, please contact Pam Houser, INTM Program Manager, at or 312.567.3650.