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Student Projects

INTM Student Research and IPRO Projects

INTM offers relevant education for those building a career in industry. Our degree programs focus on attaining practical knowledge and experiences related to current technologies and practices employed in industry, with particular emphasis on the development of managerial and leadership skills.

Collaboration with industry is an integral part of the student experience. This is achieved in several ways:

  • Graduate student research projects explore a range of issues pertinent to industry and often focus on operations, process improvements, entrepreneurial ideas, economic impacts and contemporary topics
  • Interprofessional projects (IPROs), wherein students, under the direction of IIT faculty, troubleshoot an operational issue identified by private industry
  • Guest lecturers and facility/plant tours
  • Internships and job opportunities for students

These activities help strengthen industry while motivating and preparing students for meaningful and productive work.

MITO Graduate Student Research Projects offer an opportunity for students to do in-depth analysis of a topic that is relevant to their specific interests and/or current job. Each student is matched with a faculty adviser who draws from years of professional experience to help guide the work. Interviews with company representatives, data collection and assessment of operations, and facility tours provide students with invaluable information for research projects, far superior to online and mainstream informational resources. View synopses of recent graduate student projects.

INTM programs serve students working in manufacturing, industrial facilities, construction specialties, logistics and supply chain, and related fields. In aligning our students’ interests and faculty expertise, INTM has facilitated numerous industry-driven IPRO projects, a sampling of which is presented on our IPRO Projects page.

INTM Student Projects