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Special projects are designed for Master of Industrial Technology and Operations (MITO) students as well as participants in the International Alliance Program (IIT Paris/IIT Europe Program).  IIT Europe students come from overseas technical universities to IIT to complete a project while also satisfying graduate level requirements at their home university. Each student may select and research a topic that is directly related to their academic and professional goals and interests. Students interested in pursuing a graduate special project should make an appointment to discuss their project ideas with Mr. Mazin Safar, INTM Program Director (

INTM Student Projects

Energy management is a series of systematic procedures used to realize economics of energy efficiency potentials (Bertoldi & Atanasiu, 2007).

The objective of this project is to assess and examine change-factors affecting electrical power resources by 2027 through a review and analysis of published forecasts.

Nobody could have imagined that a digital token, “bitcoin,” which arose in the deep web, would radically alter the core of finance, disrupt industries and generate new business models in the digital era.

There have been many studies on how to make a new house more sustainable or energy efficient. One easy way is to increase the width of the building shell; another is simply using more efficient insulation.

Carbon dioxide has always been overlooked as a cause of global warming, with little emphasis on what can be done with the compound. This project discusses a possible use of carbon dioxide in the agriculture industry as an organic insect control agent.