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Interprofessional Projects (IPROs)

Interprofessional Projects (IPROs) at IIT provide real-world experience for students. All undergraduate students must complete two IPRO courses, in which multi-disciplined student teams are tasked with finding solutions to problems impacting business, industry, and the world at large. On average, there are 35 IPRO projects each semester; project scope is varied and students are able to choose a project relevant to their major. IIT students have achieved impressive results through IPROs, identifying innovative ways to utilize technology, exploring and developing entrepreneurial ideas, and addressing issues affecting people in myriad ways.

Each semester, INTM faculty oversee several IPRO projects which directly involve industry.  Project work culminates with formal presentations on “IPRO Day”, when sponsors and student teams converge at Main Campus to review and discuss project outcomes. All semester projects are judged by representatives of industry and education, and the best project teams receive awards.

iit magazine cover spring 2014INTM Faculty Leads IPROs in Urban Agriculture, Manufacturing, Sustainability, Logistics and Operations

IPROs are grouped by discipline to combine academic learning with practical application of skills required for particular types of careers.  For example, in Urban Agriculture students learn the science of vertical farming, as well as how to manage harvesting operations.  INTM Industry Professor, Will Maurer, was recently Co-Facilitator with Institute for Food Safety and Health (IFSH) Director of Business Development, Armand Paradis on an IPRO “Creating a Prototype Food Enterprise Development Center”.  Using a business model from Chris’ Awesome Guacamole, a company established by IIT Alumni Chris Salgado (PS'11), students drafted  business plans, validated effective packaging, conducted market research, identified regulatory obstacles, and developed strategies to grow a food business.

INTM IPROs running in Fall '14 are:

497-303: Sustainable Urban Planning Using Combined Heat and Power

Faculty: Don Chmielewski, ChBE and Don Tijunelis, INTM; in consultation with Blake Davis, INTM

Students will work with consultants from Sargent and Lundy specializing in engineering, design, analysis, and project services for electric power generation and power delivery projects.  Their objective is to investigate the most viable approach to balance power demand with supply in a new urban development.

497-319: Designing Embedded Systems for More Efficient Wood Burning

Faculty: Blake Davis, INTM

The objective of this IPRO is to research the potential for installing imbedded systems in existing stoves to monitor and control the combustion of the stove.

497-320: Terraforming Urban Soils & Use of Appropriate Food Process Technologies

Faculty: Blake Davis, INTM

In collaboration with the Bionutrient Food Association, Bronzeville Urban Development, Blacks in Green and other organizations, students will develop a procedure for creating soil, and testing and amending it for use in vacant lots.  They will also research small scale food, fiber, oil and wood processing technologies and identify potential high-value markets for these products.

497-338: Developing Insights that Support Energy Efficiency Improvement Strategies for Varied Built Environments

Faculty: Dan Tomal, INTM

Students will work with the Electrical Contractors Association of City of Chicago to conduct an energy audit of a not-for-profit, financially depressed building. Their project will identify energy inefficiencies and propose financially creative, environmentally conscious, and viable energy solutions.

497-371: Creating a Reliable Sports Players' Statistical Performance Evaluation Methodology

Faculty: Dan Tomal, INTM

After exploring statistical and non-statistical methods of evaluating sports players’ performance and worth to a team, students will design a new performance rating system that uses statistics to weigh a variety of factors in order to produce the most accurate analysis.

497-356: Techno-Business User-Application Trends Analysis of US Motor & Transformer Electricity Consumption

Faculty: Phil Lewis, INTM and Hanna Korel, ID; in consultation with Ian Brown, ECE

In this ongoing project Tempel Steel is seeking solutions from IIT students to problems and challenges it has in shifting to more energy efficient motors and transformers, and monitoring current and future energy consumption in multi-layered manufacturing processes.  

The IIT IPRO webpage lists of all current and past IPROs searchable by Faculty and Discipline.