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Interprofessional Projects (IPROs)

IIT Interprofessional project presentation

Interprofessional Projects (IPROs) at IIT provide real-world experience for students. All undergraduate students must complete two IPRO courses, in which multi-disciplined student teams are tasked with finding solutions to problems impacting business, industry, and the world at large. On average, there are 35 IPRO projects each semester; project scope is varied and students are able to choose a project relevant to their major. IIT students have achieved impressive results through IPROs, identifying innovative ways to utilize technology, exploring and developing entrepreneurial ideas, and addressing issues affecting people in myriad ways.

Each semester, INTM faculty oversee several IPRO projects which directly involve industry.  Project work culminates with formal presentations on “IPRO Day”, when sponsors and student teams converge at Main Campus to review and discuss project outcomes. All semester projects are judged by representatives of industry and education, and the best project teams receive awards.  

INTM Faculty-led projects received top honors at IPRO Day 2015, and three awards at the Spring '14 IPRO Day.

The IIT IPRO webpage lists of all current and past IPROs searchable by Faculty and Discipline.