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Student Projects

Illinois Tech’s Information Technology andManagement program offers an innovative learning experience where students work on cutting-edge projects.  Student projects are mentored by IIT faculty who guide the progress and ensure that in addition to learning it, students can actually do it.
Projects are not only a great learning experience, but they also help in job interviews.  By the time our students graduate, they are able to share with interviewers their participation in several successful projects which can help them get the job and be prepared to become innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders of the future.
Below are examples of recent projects students have worked on as part of their educational experience.

ITM Student Projects

The students created a SIP-based “bridge” between all the RTC Lab’s test beds, enabling them to observe and test the flow-through of signaling and media messages between them.

Desiring to create an automated method for measuring the SIP Performance metric called the Session Establishment Rate (SER), and to measure the SER on as many SIP Proxy elements as possible, the students tested to establish the performance limits of the test bed and the automated

Utilizing OpenBTS software and some of its other software components (Asterisk and GNU Radio), the students built a small GSM cellular network to provide signaling and registration for the User Agents on our network.

Students ran performance tests on production-ready NG9-1-1 hardware for the Counties of Southern Illinois. These real-world tests simulate real situations the system may be put under when in production mode.