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Entrepreneurship for IT Professionals, IT-M 881

About this Course: 

This course prepares students to become leaders in information technology and to build IT companies. Students design and develop a prototype IT product and prepare a business plan and venture proposal presentation.


Some experience in the field of Information Technology is required for enrollment.

Course Outline: 

Entrepreneurs, Opportunity Assessment and Start-up Funding
Marketing Framework
Marketing I: Positioning and Segmentation
Marketing II: Pricing and Tactics
Sales: Process, Pipelines, Forecasting
Product Development
Alternatives to Starting a Business: Buying or Franchising
Managing Growth
Strategic Business Exits

Expected Outcomes: 

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Assess the viability of a new business concept or idea
  • Identify the critical assumptions underlying a new business concept and the milestones in implementing the business concept
  • Develop strategies to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage for the new venture
  • Understand the implications of the overall strategy for sales, marketing, finance, legal requirements, operations, human resources and other business functions and the interrelationships among the different functions
  • Develop a business plan and startup scenario to facilitate the implementation of the business idea or concept
  • Communicate effectively the strategic vision for the business and its strategies that will serve as a road map for initiating and growing the business
  • Develop an understanding of your personal entrepreneurship strategy

Grading Details: 

Grading/CEU award for this course includes assignments and papers.