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Introduction to Programming with Java, IT 311

About this Course: 

This course introduces the concepts of object-oriented design and implementation approach in Java programming language. Participants will use different tools to understand some basic design patterns and know how to apply them into real world situations. Object-Oriented based design knowledge and how to implement in Java language will be discussed. Basic HTML World Wide Web programming will also be included.

Course Status: 



Basic understanding about software development and some coding experience a plus! General familiarity with your operating system environment. Ability to create, edit, modify text files

Who Should Attend: 

Professionals wanting to learn Java, including programmers and non-programmers.

Expected Outcomes: 

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Write and resolve programming problems using Java Language
  • Build Java Application and Java Applet
  • Identify Java standard libraries and classes
  • Write, compile, execute and troubleshoot Java programming
  • Understand and utilize Java Graphical User Interface in the program writing
  • Understand Java programming syntax, control structures and Java programming concepts
  • Understand, locate and Use Help Resources
  • Develop and write Object Oriented Java Programs

Course Outline: 

Class and course introduction, JDK installation, Java overview
Java primitive data type. Variables, Identifiers and Constants, String type
Selection control - if, else, while, for loop
Creating Java Methods. Method overloading. Passing variables. Arrays. Passing array.
Object and classes. Concept of Object Oriented Programming. Defining classes. Constructors. Passing objects. Class scope, member access, set and gets methods. Information hiding
Object and classes. String class. Command online. File class.
Inheritance and polymorphism. Superclass and subclass. Dynamic binding. Protected data.
GUI components, API, frames, Layout, color, Graphics class and Drawing
Creating user interface - Button, Checkbox, Label, List, Scrolls, Sliders, TextAreas. Applet and Multimedia. Applet class. JApplet class. HTML file. Exception handling

Course Details: 

Grading/CEU award for this course includes assignments, exams and labs.