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Open Source Programming, IT-D 813

About this Course: 

Contemporary open-source programming languages and frameworks are presented. The student considers design and development topics in system, graphical user interface, network, and web programming. Dynamic scripting languages are covered using object-oriented, concurrent, and functional programming paradigms. Concepts gained throughout the course are reinforced with numerous exercises which will culminate in an open-source programming project.


IT 811 Introduction to Programming with Java , Participants should have some programming background as well as knowledge about HTML and CSS.

Course Outline: 

The Python Programming Language
Platform Environment and Tool Configuration
Data types and Operations
Statements and Syntax
Functions and Modules
System Programming
System Tools
File and Directory Tools
Parallel System Tools
Graphical User Interfaces
Python GUI Development
GUI Coding Techniques
Network Programming
Network and Client Scripting
Web Clients and Servers
Advanced Internet Topics

Expected Outcomes: 

  • Get an overview of Python and write a simple program.
  • Learn how Python stores data and how we can get input from users.
  • Utilize the if decision structure to make decisions in your Python programs.
  • Learn how to take advantage of the looping structure in Python programs.
  • Create function definitions to make your programs easier to read and write.
  • Learn how to create Python class files as well as objects from those classes.
  • Apply the Tkinter graphics module to create and animate a variety of shapes.
  • Understand and implement Python's list and tuple data structures.
  • Create and use a dictionary in a Python program.
  • Write code to open, read, write, and close external data files.
  • Learn about exceptions and write code to handle one in Python.
  • Develop an application with a graphical user interface (GUI) using some of Tkinter's basic GUI widgets.

Grading Details: 

Grading/CEU award for this course includes assignments, exams, projects, labs and paper.