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Process Engineering for Information Technology Managers, IT-M 572

About this Course: 

This course will provide students with the knowledge and skills to define, model, measure and improve business processes. The course will focus on workflow optimization through the re-engineering of business processes. There will be an emphasis on the application of technology to achieve significant and measurable improvement. The course will explore the latest industry standards and will explore software tools.

Course Status: 

Not scheduled


IT-M 471 Project Management for IT Professional or equivalent knowledge or experience required for enrollment.

Who Should Attend: 

This course is valuable for those who wish to gain or refine management skills while increasing the commitment and productivity of their teams, including engineers, programmers, analysts and other technical and data-processing managers.

Expected Outcomes: 

  • Discuss the benefits of establishing formal processes
  • Discuss the elements of process engineering and business process re-engineering
  • Recognize, describe and document (using formal notation) processes
  • Analyze "as-is" processes to determine success criteria and to establish associated metrics and monitoring capabilities
  • Identify and quantify sources of inefficiency in processes using objective measurements
  • Develop improvement opportunities through modeling and measurement
  • Recognize and realize business opportunities through process analysis and improvement
  • Discuss process improvement frameworks such as Six Sigma and CMM
  • Analyze the costs and benefits relative to process engineering of buy vs. build decisions for enterprise applications

Course Outline: 

Business Processes Defined
Strategic Advantage
The Enterprise
Bottlenecks and Friction
Discovering Processes
Establishing Scope
Discovering Opportunities
As-Is Assessment
Modeling Processes
Detailed Analysis
Actors and Their Roles
As-Is Model Capture
Final As-Is Assessment
Determining To-Be
Data Modeling
Modeling Requirements

Course Details: 

Grading/CEU award for this course includes assignments, exams.