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Web Site Application Development, IT-D 862

About this Course: 

Programming the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) for Web pages is introduced with emphasis on creation of interfaces to handle HTML form data. CGI programming is taught in multiple languages. Security of Web sites is covered with an emphasis on controlled access sites. Setup, administration and customization of content management systems including blog and portal sites is introduced. Participant design and create a Web site including basic CGI programs with Web interfaces and process data flows from online forms with basic database structures.


IT-D 801 Internet Technologies and Web Design or HTML, CSS, Basic Java Script or equivalent experience or previous programming experience required for enrollment

Course Outline: 

Introduction to server side scripting with PHP
Implementing Basic Scripting for common server processing tasks
Connecting to resources
Managing projects with source control
Building Objects and reusable functionality with MVC
Introduction to Server Frameworks with Joomla
Extending Server Frameworks
Building with scaffolding, templates and Groovy
Exchanging data via services
Rapid deployment with plugins

Expected Outcomes: 

Upon successful completion, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the classes of application used across popular websites
  • Detail server programming as a concept and demonstrate working functionality implementing those concept
  • Detail the use of PHP variables including arrays, functions and objects
  • Implement and describe basic security for form processing
  • Describe the components and advantages of the Model View Controller architecture
  • Describe the implementary extensions of the MVC framework Joomla
  • Explain the concept of scafolding and 'rails' and the advantages it affords developers
  • Create a basic web application using Grails and Groovy. Extend a Grails web application using plugins and extensions
  • Describe how servers support dynamic interfaces and web services by creating JSON responses
  • Implement basic RESTful web services and describe their role supporting modern user interfaces and inter-application communication

Grading Details: 

Grading/CEU award for this course includes several projects, quizzes and final project as final exam.