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Windows Enterprise Server Administration, IT O-833

About this Course: 

Participants learn to set up and maintain and administrate X86-based servers and associated networks using a contemporary industry-standard proprietary operating system. Topics include hardware requirements, software compatibility, system installation, configuration and options and post-installation topics, administrative and technical practices required for system security, process management, performance monitoring and tuning, storage management, backup and restoration of data, disaster recovery and prevention. Also addressed is the configuration and administration of common networks and server services such as DNS, DHCP, remote access. Email, basic virtualization.



IT 801 A+ Certification Training, basic Operating Systems and Networking fundamentals or equivalent experience required for enrollment.

Course Outline: 

Windows Server 2008 Environment
Class and course introduction. Getting the class notes. How to use the computer lab. Installing Windows Server 2008.
Introduction to Windows Server 2008
Continue on Installing Windows Server 2008
Configuring The Windows Servers 2008 Environment
Introduction to Active Directory and Account Management
Continue on Active Directory and Account Management
Configuring, Managing, and Troubleshooting Resource Access
Configuring Windows Server 2008 Printing
Configuring and Managing Data Storage
Managing Windows Server 2008 Network Services
Deploying IIS and Active Directory Certificate Services Configuring Remote Access Services
Active Directory Certificate Services. Configuring Remote Access Services
Windows Server 2008 Virtualization
Application and Data Provisioning
Securing Windows Server 2008
Server and Network Monitoring
Managing System Reliability and Availability
Networking with Windows Server 2008
Installing and Configuring the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. Introduction to DNS in Windows Server 2008. Managing and Administering DNS
Configuring File Services in Windows Server 2008
Group Policy and Access Services in Windows Server 2008
Windows PowerShell
Windows 2003 Quick Review

Expected Outcomes: 

Upon completion, participants should be able to:

  • Install Windows 2008 Server and Active Directory Domain
  • Learn how to manage server, active directory, client computers and users
  • Learn how to apply server security, software distribution and updates
  • Performing schedules vulnerability-assessment scans and monitoring server performance
  • Learn how to design Infrastructure requirements
  • Setup server system virtualization
  • Day-to-day management of the server operating system, file structure, and directory services
  • Monitoring logs for firewalls and intrusion detection systems
  • Learn Windows 2008 PowerShell Scripting

Grading Details: 

Grading/CEU award for this course includes assignments, exams, projects, labs and paper.