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International Certificate Programs Policies and Procedures

English Language Requirements

IIT's programs for international students are not designed for beginning students of English. Each student entering the Certificate program should have previously studied English for several years, resulting in a good command of the English language. International students are expected to comprehend all lectures and assignments. An English test may be required for admission into the program.

Health Insurance

Each student is required to purchase student health insurance through IIT. Doctor's visits and hospital stays in the U.S. can be very expensive and it is a requirement that all students have adequate health insurance. IIT's Health insurance is billed to each student automatically after registering for classes.Rates change periodically so please check the website for current rates at Students can also use the free student health center on campus for minor ailments and referrals for when they need additional medical care.

Immunization Requirements

Illinois law requires that students enrolled in colleges and universities be immunized against certain communicable diseases. For that reason, students are required to submit proof of immunization to the Student Health Center. Please visit the immunization link below to download an immunization form. It must be completed by your family doctor in English in your home country and turned in when you arrive. Individuals who are not properly immunized or who do not have proof must receive the immunizations at the Student Health Center immediately after arriving at IIT. Immunizations are mandatory! Download a copy of the immunization requirements in PDF format.

Transportation from the Airport (for those not arriving as part of a university group)

When you arrive in Chicago, the easiest and safest way to get to IIT's campus is by taking a taxi from the airport. Taxis are available at the lower level of each terminal and charge a meter rate based on miles and time, typically ~$50 for a ride to IIT's campus.


Dorm space is limited on the IIT campus. Therefore, each student is responsible for arranging for his or her own housing if the dorms are not available. Students should arrange for a hotel until they are able to find adequate housing in an apartment. You can find information on nearby apartments on IIT's website.

Students who wish to live on campus should contact the program office for the current rates and availability. Each room is a double occupancy room and includes a meal plan of 14 meals per week at IIT's cafeteria. All housing fees must be paid in full by the start of the program. If a student chooses to move out of the dorm before his or her contract is over, then a one-month penalty fee will be deducted from the housing refund owed to the student.

Attendance Policy

Students who do not attend classes according to their instructors' attendance policies will not pass their classes. For students to maintain F1 status, they must be enrolled and attending classes full- time.

Grading Policy/Awarding of Certificates

Certificate students must receive a grade of a C or higher to pass a class (equivalent to 70% of 100). In order to receive a certificate of completion for the program, each student must pass all classes in which he or she was enrolled.

Academic Probation Policy

Students who do not pass all classes after their first semester in the program will be placed on academic probation. Once a student is placed on academic probation, he or she is subject to dismissal from IIT. Once dismissed from IIT, the student would be considered out-of-status according to the Homeland Security guidelines for International F-1 students. If a student is considered out-of-status, he or she is required to return to his/her own country and risk not being able to come back to the U.S. in the future.

Continuation of Studies Requirements

For students wishing to extend their certificate studies beyond the one or two semester program, they can only enroll in a new one or two semester program if the new program is a different major from their current program. For example, if a student is currently enrolled in the IT program, he or she cannot re-enroll in the IT program but instead must enroll in the Business program. Contact program staff for more details.

Students who have completed a twelve- month certificate program are not allowed to begin a new certificate program at IIT. Instead, those students can apply to an undergraduate or graduate degree program at the end of their certificate program.

Transferring into a Master's Degree program

After graduation from the International Certificate programs, students who already have their Bachelor's degrees may choose to apply to a Master's program at IIT. If a student chooses to study Information Technology and Management (ITM) or Industrial Technology and Management (INTM), he or she can transfer up to three IT classes taken in the Certificate programs towards credit in those Master's degree programs, provided the student received an A or B in each of the classes. The student would first need to meet all admission requirements for those programs. After admission, the student would receive credit for up to nine hours of study, saving the student money and time.

Tuition Payment

Full tuition is due on or before the first day of class. If you are making payment from a domestic checking or savings account, payment can be made online through the myIIT portal Finances tab by following the Manage My Student Account link. Select electronic check and use your bank routing and account number-there is no fee for making electronic check payments. If you are making payments from an international bank account, IIT has partnered with Peer Transfer to facilitate international wire transfers. Visit and select your country to get started. You will receive wire transfer instructions by email. More information on payment options can be found on the Student Accounting Office website For students choosing to withdraw from the program, transfer to a different school, or shorten the length of their program, please refer to the department's refund policy.

Program Changes

The following policy pertains to all students in the International Certificate Programs (PLP): If a student is withdrawing from the program or shortening the length of his/her original program, the student's refund amount will be based on the date he/she notifies the program of the change. At that time, the difference in tuition will be subtracted from the original tuition amount paid (minus any deposits paid before arriving at IIT) and the refund percentage will be based on when the student officially notified the program of the change.

Withdrawals and Transfers

All students with IIT I-20's must complete six months at IIT before being allowed to transfer to another university or program. The Refund/Withdrawal Policy can be found here.