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International Student Twelve Month Program

IT/Business/Industrial Technology Certificate Programs

Illinois Institute of Technology offers a twelve-month (three-semester) International IT/Business/Industrial Technology Certificate Program. The program has three main components:

Students take three courses in IT/Business/Industrial Technology in the spring and fall semesters. Students take one IT/Business/Industrial Technology course in the summer.

Students attend English and Cultural courses for six hours per week per semester. 

Students can choose to participate in an optional six-week internship at a local company in either January or May.  The internship is an additional cost of $800.00. Please note: Students who choose to participate in an internship will be required to take classes simultaneously or risk being out of status as full-time students on F-1 visas.   

Students who successfully complete this program will receive a Master Certificate in IT/Business/Industrial Technology from IIT’s Professional Learning Programs. In addition, students who satisfactorily complete the six-week internship will receive an internship certificate.  Also, many IT courses completed in the International program with a grade of A or B can be credited toward a Master’s degree in Information Technology and Management (ITM) or Industrial Technology and Management (INTM) upon acceptance into the ITM or INTM program.

Business and Information Technology Courses

IT/Business/Industrial Technology courses are offered in the day and evening at our Main Campus in Chicago.  Many IT courses are taught in a lab environment so that students are given the opportunity to work on labs in the classroom. This allows international students the chance to be comfortable with the technology while in the classroom with the instructor on hand to answer questions.

When possible, international students will study alongside American students.  International students will also have the chance to make friends with American students that could last a lifetime and be useful as future business contacts.  Examples of courses offered include:  Embedded Systems, Multimedia, Wireless Applications, Oracle, UNIX, .NET, Network Security, Project Management, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Advertising and many more.

English and Cultural Studies

Students in the International Program will attend six hours of English Conversation classes per week with occasional cultural field trips within the Chicago area. 


Students in the twelve-month program have the option of participating in an internship at a local company while they are completing their course work.  The internship will be part of their grade in their IT/Business/Industrial Technology program.  The internship gives students a first hand look of how US companies operate. It also gives students a good understanding of the work process and deadline requirements while practicing their listening and speaking skills in English. 

Companies who have participated in the internship in the past include: Motorola, Lucent Technologies, Teleprime Inc., The Bus Bank, Rosetta Wireless, TLC Animation Company, NuVant Systems Inc., AllCell, CreateASoft Inc., Calamos Investments and many more.  New companies join the program each year.  Internship placements are determined based on the students’ qualifications and the companies’ needs.  Student requests for placement at particular companies are not guaranteed and companies who participate in the internship program are subject to change at any time.

Program Dates

All twelve-month programs start in the fall, spring or summer semesters and include at least three semesters of courses plus an optional six-week internship for an additional cost.

Room and board

Housing on IIT’s main campus is limited.  When available, students may live in the dorms at the McCormick Student Village (MSV) or in on-campus apartments at Gunsaulus Hall.  All dorms and apartments consist of a double occupancy room and a meal plan with 14 meals per week at the IIT cafeteria.