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University Partnerships

Illinois Institute of Technology offers several programs specifically designed for the international student. Programs of various lengths are available to universities interested in sending groups of their students to enhance their language and crosscultural skills by studying abroad. Short-term programs and semester programs are offered for students interested in advancing their English skills while also earning certificates in Information Technology or Business. In addition to working with individual students, IIT has implemented many successful partnerships over the past several years with universities in countries all over the world. Students who choose to study in the certificate programs at IIT are able to increase their ability to communicate in English quickly while also increasing their confidence in being able to understand spoken and written English. In English classes, students also learn American culture while participating in activities to increase their real-life language skills. In IT and Business classes, students learn useful skills to enhance their academic and professional development.

The semester program has two main components:

1. Students take three courses in Information Technology or Business.

2. Students take English and Cultural courses six hours per week.

Students who successfully complete this program will receive a Master’s Certificate in IT/Business from the Professional Learning Programs at IIT. Also, many courses completed in the International program can be credited toward a Master’s degree in Information Technology and Management (ITM) or Industrial Technology and Management (INTM) upon acceptance into the ITM or INTM program. Short-term programs can be customized to fit the needs of the participating university.