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Professional Certificate in Cyber Security Technologies

About this certificate:

The Professional Certificate in Cyber Security Technologies is awarded to those participants who have completed both the Cyber Security Technologies and Network+ Certification Training courses in addition to at least one of the many elective courses listed below of the Information Technology Courses offered through the School of Applied Technology (SAT) of Illinois Institute of Technology. Those interested in pursuing this award must complete at least three courses. Most often these courses can be successfully completed in one year or less.

Participants who wish to pursue this Professional Certificate would be best served by working with a program manager of the Information Technology Courses for guidance. Some courses may be taken simultaneously and some may require prerequisites. Allowing the program manager to assist in planning the sequence of classes would ensure a successful and enjoyable experience as participants reach their goals.  

Mean salaries in the area of Cyber Security Technologies can range from $41,000 to $94,000 or more.*

Job growth in this area is expected to be 18% annually through 2024**

Participants must have knowledge of PC hardware and software, knowledge of operating systems, and knowledge of file and directory concepts for acceptance into the Certificate in Cyber Security Technologies. An additional question and answer session regarding prerequisite knowledge for admission may be required.

Program Details:
This program is designed for students seeking knowledge that will prepare them for careers in computer and network security technologies and to deal with the challenging computer and network security problems facing society. The two required courses must include (not necessarily in the following order):

An elective third course can be chosen from the following:

Vulnerability Analysis and Control Secure Software Programmer - Java
Database Security Cyber Forensics
Steganography Network+ Certification Training II
Mobile Device Forensics Operating System Security
Introduction to Cyber Warfare

Starting at $7,950 


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