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Professional Certificate in Systems Analysis

About this Course:

The Professional Certificate in Systems Analysis is awarded to those participants who have completed the Object Oriented System Analysis, Modeling and DesignProject Management for IT Professionals and Process Engineering for IT Managers courses of the Information Technology Certificate Programs offered through the School of Applied Technology of Illinois Institute of Technology. Those interested in pursuing this award must complete these three courses. Most often this Master Certificate program can be successfully completed in one year or less.

Participants who wish to pursue this Professional Certificate would be best served by working with a program manager of the Information Technology Certificate Programs for guidance. Some courses may be taken simultaneously and some may require prerequisites. Allowing the program manager to assist in planning the sequence of classes would ensure a successful and enjoyable experience as participants reach their goals.

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Course Details:
This program is designed for students seeking knowledge that will prepare them for a career as a systems analyst. The three required certificate courses must include (not necessarily in the following order):

  • IT-T 531 Object Oriented System Analysis, Modeling and Design - a 16-week course that details object-oriented approaches to system analysis, data modeling and design that combine both process and data views of systems are covered in this course. Emphasis is given to practical problems and the techniques needed to create solutions to systems design. 
  • IT-M 471 Project Management for IT Professionals - a 16-week course where basic principles of project management are taught. Includes software development concepts of requirements analysis, object modeling and design and software testing. Management of application development and major Web development projects will also be addressed.
  • IT-M 572 Process Engineering for IT Managers - a 16-week course this course will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to define, model, measure and improve business processes. The course will focus on reengineering processes through the application of technology to achieve significant and measurable improvement.

An elective may be chosen from the following courses:

Java Programming Human/Computer Interaction
UML-Based Software Development Application Development Methodologies