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Expedition: Green Teacher Professional Development, PLED 551

About this Course: 

The Expedition: Green summer teacher professional development course is designed to prepare teachers to teach environmental processes and systems, gain an understanding of environmental issues, personal and civic responsibility, and increase critical thinking skills. Teachers will increase their knowledge of ecology, ecosystems, resource management, and sustainability. Each full day session explores how these environmental science topics can be brought back into the classroom using a variety of pedagogical skills and engaging activities. Museum of Science and Industry courses are designed to increase teachers' science content knowledge, improve teaching skills, and demonstrate how to use Museum programs and exhibits to enhance science curriculum.


Certified 6 - 12 science teachers

Who Should Attend: 

Secondary level science teachers

Expected Outcomes: 

  • Teachers will learn, explore and implement hands-on and inquiry-based teaching techniques
  • Teachers will discover the urban environment as a unique ecosystem working to maintain a balance between people's needs and the health of the environment.
  • Teachers will understand how people impact the urban ecosystem and investigate how to mitigate negative impacts
  • Teachers will explore issues around how, as global citizens, we must follow responsible environmental practices and become involved in actively finding solutions for the sustainability of urban communities like Chicago in the future.

Course Outline: 

Introduction to Expedition: Green
Explore Ecology
Explore Ecosystems
Explore Natural Resource Management
Explore Sustainability


3 - G

Presented by: 

John Erickson, PhD. Senior Lecturer, IIT Gary Sircus, Manager: Institute for Quality Science Teaching and Learning Patty Messersmith, Sr. Educator: Institute for Quality Science Teaching and Learning Julie Lam, Institute for Quality Science Teaching and Learning Laura Rico-Beck, Institute for Quality Science Teaching and Learning Pam Barry, Institute for Quality Science Teaching and Learning April Chancellor, Institute for Quality Science eaching and Learning