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Life Science: All About You, PLED 552

About this Course: 

All About You, focuses on life science, particularly the science of the human body. The teacher professional development series is designed to help 4th thru 8th grade teachers learn to utilize inquiry-based and hands-on/minds-on science curriculum both within and outside of the classroom setting. Through this intensive and engaging year long program, the workshops focus on expanding science teachers capacity by building their content knowledge and enhancing their instructional practice. Aside from this program being broad based and interdisciplinary, this program explores how to further the interaction of inquiry based teaching methods into the classroom as well as the multiple ways that an informal institution such as The Museum of Science and Industry, can be used to further the curriculum objectives established.

Course Details:

  • Participants will receive several bags and a bin of materials with all the supplies you need to carry out all of course lessons in your classroom. Please note that you will receive the bin only after you have turned in your teacher ID.
  • Grades are posted by IIT after final work is submitted and graded. You will receive a grade report from IIT. Official IIT transcripts can be obtained on-line.

Course Outline:
In an innovative approach to learning and teaching life sciences, All about You will examine health and wellness by exploring cells, body systems, genetics, evolution, digestion and exercise. The workshop complements the Museum's new permanent exhibit, YOU! The Experience. All About You will also expose teachers to the resources of the Museum and engage them in strategies for planning more effective, educational and rewarding field trips for their students.

Course Outline: 

Introduction to course, science notebook, hands-on and inquiry based activities. Introduction to the unifying themes in life science.
Structure and Characteristics of Cells
DNA and the Genetic Basis of Life
Tissues, Organs, and Organ Systems
Human Health and Wellness



Presented by: 

John Erickson, PhD. Senior Lecturer, IIT
Gary Sircus, Manager: Institute for Quality Science Teaching and Learning
Patrica Messersmith, Sr. Educator: Institute for Quality Science Teaching and Learning
Julie Lam, Institute for Quality Science Teaching and Learning
Laura Rico-Beck, Institute for Quality Science Teaching and Learning
Pam Barry, Institute for Quality Science Teaching and Learning
April Chancellor, Institute for Quality Science Teaching and Learning