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Carol Davids

Director, Real-Time Communications Lab of Illinois Institute of Technology
Graduate Advisor
Industry Professor of Information Technology and Management

Rice Campus Office: 

Rice 223

Rice Campus Phone: 



Area(s) of Advisement 

Voice & Data Communication Technology


B.S.E.E. Columbia University
M.I.T.M Illinois Institute of Technology


Real-Time Communications, including SIP-based, and WebRTC-based architectures and applications; voice and data networks; voice and video communications


SIP Performance Benchmarks: Methodology, Terminology for finding the "performance knee" of a SIP Proxy instance. Draft at IETF BMWG. Test tool conformant with the drafts.

NG9-1-1: NENA Industry Collaboration Events: Collaboration with the National Emergency Numbers Association to support interoperability of functional elements of the NG9-1-1 architecture. Maintainance and growth of three Emergency Services IP backbone networks on the two IIT campuses.

Network Transport and Performance Testbed: STUN and TURN servers as well as SIP servers and WebRTC-enabled Web Servers are deployed in various configurations of this test bed whose nine domains and sub-domains can be used to test the behavior of Web-RTC-based and SIP-based applications as they traverse the domains with the help of the STUN and TURN services.

Voice over IIT: This on-going lab project is a working SIP-based IP-Telephony system using Kamailio ad Asterisk servers and connected to the PSTN by a SIP Trunk.

CableLabs: Packet Cable Project

Co-author, as an IPR Vendor at CableLabs, Packet Cable Project, VoIP specifications, including:

  • PKT-SP-CMSS: CMS-to-CMS Signaling Specification
  • PKT-SP-EC-MGCP: NCS Signaling Specification

European Telecommunications Standards Institute:

Co-author, as a member of Specialist Task Force (STF)–216 at the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) a number of VoIP Specifications, including:

  • TS101 909 Part 4, Network-based Call Signaling specification.
  • TS101 909 Part 16, CMS-to-CMS Signaling specification.
  • TS101 909 Part 23, Line Control Signaling specification and other parts of TS101 909.


University Teaching Award


“Method for Securing Streaming Multimedia Network Transmissions”, US Patent Application No. 11-641375 filed December 18, 2006


“SIP APIs for Voice and Video Communications on the Web”, Conference Paper, August 2011, IPTComm 2011, ACM

“SIP CLF: A Common Log Format (CLF) for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)”, Conference Paper, October 2010, SAML ’10:

“The IIT VoIP Research Lab projects and their relationship to VoIP standards development “ Proc. 6th International Conference on Standardization and Innovation in Information Technology (SIIT 2009). The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, September 2009.

" A Study of An Open Source IP Multimedia Subsystem Test Bed" ICST QShine, Conference Paper, May 2008