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Remotely-Accessible Dynamic Infrastructure for Students to Hack (RADISH) allows Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) School of Applied Technology (SAT) class members to have full, unrestricted access to ForSec Lab resources from any location and from nearly any Internet-connected device. RADISH enables 24/7 access so students may work on their projects continuously with no logistic concern.

RADISH was designed and developed by Illinois Tech faculty and student lab assistants as part of the Cyber Forensics and Security Laboratory (ForSec Lab). Students had a hands-on experience building a sophisticated computer infrastructure they would later use in the classroom. The RADISH infrastructure was developed and continually improved upon; and over time, RADISH became the infrastructure of the ForSec Lab due to its uniqueness, reliability and accessibility.

RADISH’s tested reliability and virtual capability improves students’ research and lab work since new ideas can be tested from remote computer devices at any time. Currently RADISH supports three courses per semester as well as multiple student projects. By creating a laboratory with the latest in advanced technology and software, students are able to become more involved in their classwork.

RADISH was developed in 2010 as a replacement for portable hard disk drives (HDDs) that were prepared with several pre-configured virtual machines (VMs) and distributed to students to complete in-class laboratories and home exercises. By attaching these HDDs to computers, students were able to determine information based on the structure of the HDDs. The physical existence aspect of the class was completely eliminated by this new system. Classes became 100% virtualized, and all the physical machines had their virtual correspondent with remote access. The system was originally designed to be an addition to the class’s computer infrastructure; however, over the years, RADISH has become the Cyber Forensics and Security Laboratory’s main system, and the class laboratory acts as an addition to RADISH.

This new infrastructure was originally used for the Vulnerability Analysis and Control class. The system transformed tremendously with many improvements made over the past few years which has allowed for the growth of the system and its utilization in other cyber forensics, cyber security, and steganography courses taught at Illinois Tech. This new system has eliminated many significant limitations. Students are now able to face real-life situations in the classroom by discovering, analyzing, and gaining control over computer network infrastructure they likely have never seen before. This transformation has not only improved the control and unreliability aspect of the class but has also created a platform to build new analytical skills.

Furthermore, The university is able to meet students’ educational expectation though unlimited access to class laboratories. The ForSec Laboratory offers an exceptional online school experience focused not only on a self-study/test basis but also on students’ involvement and in-class performance. Students who take courses online are able to experience a school desktop laboratory infrastructure from any location sharing the same resources as in-class students.

RADISH was developed by:

Dawid Broda
School of Applied Technology
Illinois Institute of Technology; 201 East Loop Road; Wheaton, IL 60189
+1 (630) 202-9373

Ben Khodja
School of Applied Technology
Illinois Institute of Technology; 201 East Loop Road; Wheaton, IL 60189
+1 (630) 815-9149

Bill Lidinsky
School of Applied Technology
Illinois Institute of Technology; 201 East Loop Road; Wheaton, IL 60189
+1 (630) 682-6028