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English Language Assessments

Online registration for English Language Assessments will open January 3, 2020.

Assessments are scheduled the week before courses begin. New students, you must arrive early to attend orientation week and take assessments then. See below for dates.

Spring 2020
Recommended Arrival Date for All International Students By January 5
Reservation System Available January 3
1Assessments - Initial Testing January 6-10

1Assessments can be made by appointment for certain cases. Please contact us to see if you qualify for an individual assessment session. We can only assess admitted Illinois Tech international students who are presently in Chicago.

English Language Program (PESL) for Undergraduate and Graduate Students 

Spring 2020
2Assessments - Retesting (Continuing PESL Students) January 6-10
3PESL Placement Results Sent Daily
PESL Course Registration for New Students Begins (Administrative) January 15
PESL Courses Begin January 20

2Continuing PESL students may email to request to retake assessments in a subsequent semester. There is a $100 fee to reassess, and you must retest during the assessment period listed.  PESL students may only retest once a semester. Continuing PESL students cannot retake assessments after Illinois Tech courses have begun. Continuing PESL students may not retest in a skill relative to a course they have failed.

3Course placement reports for PESL students are sent 24-48 hours after all required tests have been taken.

Professional Communication Advancement (PCA) for Stuart Business Graduate Students

Spring 2020
PCA Course Registration for New Students Begins (Administrative) January 8
PCA Courses Begin January 13
PCA Results Letters Sent By January 24

What are the English Assessments?

The English Language Assessment tests your natural language abilities in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Assessments are computer-based tests that could take anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours to complete depending on the individual student. The assessment determines if you place into the English Language Program (PESL) or Professional Communication Advancement (PCA) courses.  If you place into courses, we will be able to identify which courses and/or levels of courses will most benefit you.

Are the assessments required?

Please view the following pages for more information on requirements:

If you have an ESL Assessment hold, it is very important for you to arrive early and take the English Language Assessments as early as possible. English Language Assessments are administered the week before courses start. The ESL Assessment hold prevents you from registering for any courses.

For more information on assessments and courses, please view the following FAQ pages: