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English for Specific Purposes

English Language Services partners with other colleges in order to offer content-based English language instruction. If you are interested in partnering to build an English language program specific to your students’ needs, please click here to contact us.

Currently, ELS is working with Stuart School of Business and the Institute of Design to offer the Professional Communication Advancement and English for Design programs respectively.

Professional Communication Advancement

Stuart School of Business in Chicago provides the Professional Communication Advancement (PCA) Program for international students to receive a customized and targeted approach to communications skill-building. PCA is designed to help students achieve success during their time at Illinois Tech's Stuart School of Business and as they move into the job market and the global business environment.

PCA offers a variety of eight-week courses, each targeting specific English-language or communications competencies. Students will take part in customized language advancement studies that meet their personal needs.

English for Design

Institute of Design created a unique introductory program that combines English for Specific Purpose instruction with graduate level design education. The program is taught over two semesters concurrently with Design coursework. Its goal is to help international students enhance their English fluency and acclimate to academic and professional life. Students with TOEFL scores between 80-100 are required to enroll. In English for Design, students broaden their design vocabulary and increase their understanding of design in the United States.