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I-20 Process


Once you have been admitted, in order for us to process and issue an I-20, we must have your financial support documentation, and you must pay the $100 nonrefundable Application Processing Fee1

It may take up to 3-4 weeks for an I-20 to be processed and received by an applicant. 

After you receive the I-20...

  1. You should pay the SEVIS fee.
  2. You request a student visa from the United States Consulate or embassy in your home country.
  3. After confirmation of your visa, book your flight to Chicago. Chicago has two airports: O’Hare International Airport (ORD) and Midway International Airport (MDW).  Illinois Institute of Technology is accessible from both airports.  To learn more about the airports, visit
  4. You can enter the United States up to 30 days before the start date on the I-20.  You will have to arrange housing if you arrive earlier than the publicized move-in dates.
  5. You will receive a stamp with the date of entry on the I-20 and I-94 card (given to all passengers on international flights into the US).
  6. You must report to the International Center and attend the Intensive English Program Orientation


If you would like to transfer from another school, university, or college within the United States, the following F-1 transfer procedures must be completed: 

  1. Submit a transfer release form completed by you and your international student advisor at your previous school. Please click here to download the transfer release form. 
  2. Submit copies of all previous I-20s. You must also pay the $100 nonrefundable Application Processing Fee1.
  3. Once this is complete, you will be issued an Illinois Tech SEVIS I-20 form.
  4. Upon your arrival in Chicago, you must report to English Language Services designated school official within 15 days of the start date of your I-20 to comlete the transfer of your F-1 status to Illinois Tech. Please remember to bring all previous I-20s for check-in. Failure to do so will result in violation of your immigration status; you will then need to be reinstated by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. 
  5. If you are transferring to Illinois Tech from another school in the U.S., you may travel using your valid F-1 visa issued for the previous school and Illinois Tech I-20. 

1Effective for the fall 2018 semester, admitted IEP students must pay a $100 nonrefundable Application Processing Fee to cover application processing, document evaluation, processing and shipment of the I-20 (internationally or domestically), and placement exam reservation. This fee applies to both newly admitted students and students who have deferred their admission to a future semester. Payment of the fee must be received prior to creating an I20.