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See INTM Special Projects in Renewable Energy at IIT IPRO Day - NEW UPDATES!

Twelve Brazilian Scientific Mobility (BSMP) Student Projects are integrated with IIT’s IPRO Projects Day event to highlight the work of 30 students from Brazil enrolled in IIT courses during Summer 2014. This is under the auspices of IIT’s School of Technology (SAT) via the Industrial Technology and Management (INTM) Program and the Office of Professional Development (OPD). BSMP provides scholarships for students from Brazil to study engineering at an American University and complete 12-week special projects as part of their curriculum.  Each project represents the work of BSMP student teams addressing specific problems within their fields, and developing prototypes and/or analyses of concepts and solutions. 

Volunteer judges will evaluate the BSMP teams looking for the overall highest quality work based on professionalism, creativity, and accomplishments.  At the IPRO Day closing ceremony, the top-ranked teams will be recognized by Mazin Safar, Program Director, Industrial Technology & Management, and Paulo Camargo, Consul-General of Brazil in Chicago.

The following is a list of the projects that will be on display:

SAT/INTM Brazilian Scientific Mobility Student Projects: Group One

INTM 497-01 Special Projects in Renewable Energy (Blake Davis)

  • Underground Water Storage; New Uses for Urbanite
  • Auto Engine-based Combined Heat and Power Systems
  • Diesel Engine Conversion to Using Straight Vegetable Oil
  • Custom Eyeware; New Uses for 3-D Printing
  • Automated Wood Burning Controls
  • The Riding Rototiller

SAT/INTM Brazilian Scientific Mobility Student Projects: Group Two

INTM 497-01 Special Projects in Renewable Energy    

  • An Energy Efficiency Analysis of Different Forms of Transportation
  • Solar Electricity Systems to Provide Power for Public Events
  • Utilizing Shrink Wrapped Straw Bales for Insulation

INTM 462 Special Projects in Sustainability (Dan Tomal, Ph.D.)

  • Energy Efficiency Improvement Project

SAT Office of Professional Development, Professional Learning Programs (Steven Szmurlo)

  • Study in Project Management (1)
  • Study in Project Management (2)

IIT faculty, staff, and students are invited to view these projects in IIT's Hermann Hall from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. on Friday, July 25.



Jul 25, 10:00am to 2:00pm


IIT Hermann Hall

Additional Instructions: 

Pre-registration is suggested. Individuals may register as guests, or as judges with professional expertise.


Free for registered guests


Eve Gutmann
INTM Communications Coordinator