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Bill Nye (the Science Guy)

You have seen him on TV, and now you can see him in person. WIIT is presenting Bill Nye the Science Guy in an appearance here at the Illinois Institute of Technology on Sunday, August 23rd, the day before classes begin for the fall semester! In an event that is completely free to all students, Mr. Nye will be making a speech to IIT students in the Hermann Hall auditorium at 7:00 that evening, with limited seating space available. Most seats for the main event will be reserved through an online form next week, so make sure that you pay attention to WIIT’s Facebook page for when the reservation link goes live!


Aug 23, 7:00pm to 9:00pm


Hermann Hall

Who can attend?: 

Open to all Illinois Tech students


Bill Nye (the Science Guy)

Additional Instructions: 

This free event is open to all students. Limited seating available.


Free for Illinois Tech students

How to register: 

Additional details and registration available at WIIT Blog.