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The Eighth Annual Graduate Student Seminar Day(s) will be held on Monday, April 3rd and Tuesday, April 4th.

Food Science and Nutrition  FST/FPE Graduate Students will be competing in the  Eighth Annual Graduate student Seminar Day(s)  on Monday, April 3rd and Tuesday, April 4th. 

The presentations will be judged by our panel of judges comprised of  four staff members: 1) Greg Fleischman, FDA  2) Alvin Lee, IFSH  3.) Joelle Salazar, FDA and 4.)  Diane Stewart, FDA.  The  judges will rank the presentations based on the following criteria:

 1. Quality of Scientific Research 

a) Understanding of the Research

b) Status of Completion of Project (Students must use their own data and convey the percentage of completion of the proposed student project)

2. Quality of Slides and Delivery of Presentation

a) Power Point slides

b) Oral Presentation 

The awards will be presented to the students at the end of the second day, Tuesday, April 4th.  The awards are as follows:   

  • 1st Place --$500 and a certificate
  • 2ndt Place --$300 and a certificate
  • 3rd Place --$100 and a certificate 

Please see the attached agenda and abstracts (for day 1 and 2) and we look forward to seeing you there!  

Graduate Seminar Day(s) Agenda Day 1

Graduate Seminar Day(s) Agenda Day 2


Apr 3, 4:30am to Apr 4, 6:45am