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Business Writing Workshop

The typical business professional spends a large amount of their time writing emails, proposals, performance reviews, procedures, recommendations, reports, and other communications. The importance of effective writing in the modern world of e-business continues to grow, yet surprisingly few seek to improve their business writing skills.

The objective of this workshop is to be able to immediately apply the newly obtained skills to the job. The workshop includes exercises, strategies, and case studies for the participants to learn and solve and then apply to their own situations. It is designed to improve the participants' skills in business writing--memos, reports, letters, and proposals. Participants learn how to avoid common errors, conceptualize ideas, develop successful first-drafts, edit letters, and communicate effectively and efficiently.

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Aug 23, 9:00am to 4:00pm

Who can attend?: 

This workshop will be of benefit to all professionals who wish to improve their written
communication skills. This program is ideal for anyone, it is ideal for people who are in both
non-technical and technical fields— managers, employees, customers, engineers, regulatory
agencies, lawyers, stockholders, etc.


Workshop Fee: $395 per person