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INTM Alumni Steering Committee Organizing Meeting

INTM is creating an Alumni Steering Committee. Briefly, our goal is to bring together alums and their families to support one another, and to help sustain and grow the INTM program.  Our objectives are as follows:
  1. Assist in planning and promoting events (2/year)
  2. Promote INTM activities
  3. Help recruit new students
  4. Mentor current students
  5. Grow the  alumni social network
  6. Participate in fundraising for worthy causes
  7. Support career development and continuing education
The time commitment in the future will be no more than three meetings/year (Summer, Fall, and Spring).  We will conduct interim business via email and/or remote discussions, as needed.

Please RSVP using the Google form if you plan to attend, or if you cannot attend, but would like to be part of a Steering Committee.  As we begin to plan activities, we'll use these responses to know whom we may call upon to help.


Jun 9, 9:30am to 11:00am


MTCC Executive Conference Room on the IIT Mies campus. 

Who can attend?: 

All INTM Alumni are invited to participate.

How to register: 

RSVP in advance is requested via this Google Form.


Eve Gutmann
INTM Communications Coordinator