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Emotional Intelligence and Communication Styles Workshop: From Reacting to Responding

Today as never before, more versatile and adaptive interactions with others is imperative to personal and professional success.  This workshop is built on the belief that an individual can realize multiple benefits by understanding their own and others’ emotional intelligence levels and communication/behavioral styles.  Through an emotional intelligence self-assessment, participants learn more about how effectively they manage relationships based on accurate awareness of both self and others. They then look more closely at how they demonstrate emotional intelligence via exploring two key dimensions of communication/ behavioral styles:  assertiveness and sociability. By learning to recognize the various styles and gaining an understanding of the effectiveness of each, participants can then decide how to best interact with others to achieve mutual goals. 

Finally, this workshop explores the challenge of communicating professionally and assertively in difficult situations.  The ‘emotional hijack’ phenomenon is explored, and participants learns ways to further develop their emotional intelligence to best address such situations to achieve a more effective outcome.  

Workshop Objectives

  • Demonstrate the ability to respond with intention to a situation rather than merely reacting.

  • Demonstrate the ability to manage your interactions with others through awareness of other's emotions

  • Understand your preferred communication style and its effect on those with different styles. 

  • Identify and plan for strategies to incorporate more versatility into your interactions with others in order to positively impact those relationships.

  • Communicate difficult messages in a professional, non-aggressive way

Workshop Key Topics

  • Emotional Intelligence:  What It Is and Why It’s Important

  • The Emotional Intelligence (EI) Framework:  Awareness and Action

  • Communication/Behavioral Styles in the Context of EI

  • Style Versatility as a Path to Emotional Intelligence

  • Understanding and Managing the “Emotional Hijack”

  • Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

  • Using EI to Manage Difficult Situations

Facilitator: Susan Hill

Susan Hill is a learning professional with over 25 years of experience. She is highly experienced and skilled at designing, developing, and facilitating customized learning experiences for the workplace. Her areas of expertise include leadership, management and supervisory skills, effective communication, team development, customer/supplier relations, business strategy development and implementation, process management and improvement, sales effectiveness, performance consulting, and training evaluation.

Susan has worked with clients from across a wide range of industries over the past 16 years. Some of her key consulting/training clients are Abbvie, US Foods, Amtrak, Sysco, United Airlines, Chrysler Corporation, USPS, McDonald’s, Tellabs, Hyatt Regency, Lucent, and AT&T.

Workshop Fee: $395 per person

Breakfast and Lunch will be provided!

This workshop awards .55 Continuing Education Units (CEU)



Mar 25, 9:00am to 4:00pm


Illinois Institute of Technology

201 East Loop Rd

Wheaton, IL 60189

Additional Instructions: 

Questions? Please contact Mary LaFleur at  or (630) 682-6030.



Mary LaFleur
(630) 682-6030