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Student Projects

The Fifth Annual Graduate Student Seminar Days were held at the Institute for Food Safety and Health at the Moffett Campus, and deemed a great success. Dr. Robert Brackett, IIT Vice President and IFSH Director, officially opened the event. All of the Food Science and Nutrition (FdSN) FST/FPE Graduate students worked very hard and did a fantastic job. The presentations were judged by a panel comprised of four staff members including two judges from the FDA (Drs. Susanne Keller and Diane Stewart) and two from IFSH (Dr. Kaiping Deng and Adjunct Industry Professor Armand Paradis).

The presentations were judged based on the following criteria:

  1. Quality of Scientific Research
  2. PowerPoint slides
  3. Oral Presentation

The following students were recognized and awarded:

  • 1st Place Certificate of Excellence in Scientific Presentation and $500 — Mr. Xuebin Fan (student of Tong-Jen Fu, FdSN Faculty Member)
  • 2nd Place Certificate of Excellence in Scientific Presentation and $300  — Ms. Yancui Huang (student of Associate Professor Dr. Britt Burton-Freeman and Assistant Professor Dr. Indika Edirisinghe)
  • 3rd Place Certificate of Excellence in Scientific Presentation and $100 — Mr. Yue Zhou (student of Yoon Song, FdSN Faculty)

Awards were presented by:

  • Dr. Darsh Wasan, Motorola Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering and Vice President for International Affairs, IIT
  • Dr. Richard McDonald, Director, Division of Food Processing and Technology, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Dr. C. Robert (Bob) Carlson, Dean, IIT School of Applied Technology and Chair, Department of Information Technology and Management

We extend our gratitude to our judges and to our PIs who support and mentor the FdSN students each and every day, helping them succeed! The Graduate Seminar Days help FdSN students improve their presentation skills and learn from the feedback they receive.

Institute for Food Safety and Health
Department of Food Science and Nutrition – SAT
Illinois Institute of Technology

Annual Graduate Student Seminar Day
Moffett Campus

FdSN Student Projects

The study objective evaluated preparation methods on the concentration of total arsenic and arsenic species in rice (polished white and brown long-grain rice) as well as target essential nutrients (folic acid) added from fortification.

Thermal stability has been proposed as a criterion to assess the allergenic potential of genetically modified foods, but there is a lack of information on relative thermal stability of food allergens vs. nonallergenic proteins.

Although treatment of seeds with 20,000 ppm calcium hypochlorite, Ca(OCl)2, is considered the gold standard, the high level of chlorine is potentially hazardous. Sprout growers are in need of alternative sanitizers.

According to CDC's Foodborne Disease Outbreak Surveillance System database, from year 2007~2011, there have been eight outbreaks associated with low-moisture foods including nuts, cheese, cookie dough, and wheat snack foods involving Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli O157:H7 (STEC), whic

Isothermal heat inactivation is a traditional method to measure thermal death time parameters, DT and z. Because of the number of samples required this method is time and labor intensive.