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Employers as Partners

The INTM curriculum couples managerial topics with an understanding of how industry leaders can apply technology to improve operations, increase productivity and reduce waste. An INTM Bachelor’s or Master’s degree means that a student has learned how to apply technology to manage costs, projects, and personnel; analyze operational processes to identify and correct problems; and develop the ‘big picture’ view required to manage complex and/or sizeable operations.


Companies that work with INTM not only have access to qualified job candidates and faculty with extensive industry experience, they also have all of the resources of a major technical university.

INTM and IIT can help you:

  • Find full or part-time employees or interns within a range of industries and specializations
  • Complete a short-term project with a student who may be doing related research, supervised by an INTM faculty member.
  • Enhance the capabilities of your current employees by offering them the opportunity to earn an advanced degree with courses that can be tailored to each individual’s needs.
  • Create a short-course or workshop for a team or group in your company related to a specialized issue or set of skills.

You can help advance your company and/or industry by:

  • Making a presentation to a student or alumni group,  or serve as a guest lecturer in an INTM class about industry trends, needs, and opportunities, within and outside of your company or organization
  • Initiating a short or long-term project in which students and faculty can help you develop innovative solutions to a company problem or concern.
  • Helping organize or host IIT/INTM professional development activities, company tours, and events.



  • All job opportunities are welcome: internships, part-time and full-time positions.
  • INTM students are qualified for a range of positions within manufacturing or other industrial operations with responsibility for maintenance (facility/mechanical), construction management, warehousing/distribution, logistics, supply chain, sustainability, data analytics, inventory control and other related functions.
  • INTM undergraduate students average over 10 years of work experience and may be candidates for supervisory, mid-level, departmental, or project management positions.
  • INTM graduate students generally hold an undergraduate engineering degree with advanced analytical, math and science skills.  These highly motivated students may be candidates for positions such as manufacturing engineer, supply chain analyst, procurement specialist, project manager/consultant, and others.
  • Many employers hire international students through internships, CPT (co-op) and OPT, due to the many benefits associated with short-term hires. Learn more about Hiring International Students.

To inquire about any of our partner opportunities, contact  contact Herb Shields , INTM Career Advisor/Adjunct Professor,