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Undergraduate Admission

Admission to the Bachelor of Industrial Technology and Management (BINTM)

The BINTM program is a transfer program for students with two years of technical study at a community college, an accredited apprenticeship or training program, or a four-year university. Relevant work experience is also important as a foundation for understanding and applying course concepts. Students may transfer to IIT upon completion of as Associate’s degree (AS or AAS) or equivalent coursework (a two-year degree is not required for admission).

In general, admission requires 60 credit hours of general education and technical coursework from an accredited institution, as identified below. Courses must be graded “C” or better to be accepted for transfer. Individuals who have accrued at least 45 hours toward admission requirements may be admitted with the condition that all outstanding requirements be completed within two years of starting the program. Candidates with more than 60 hours of transferable credit may qualify to have excess credit applied toward INTM coursework. (IIT can accept a maximum of 68 credits from a community college and up to 81 credits from a four-year university; credits must align with BINTM degree requirements.)

Admission Requirements

Mathematics: Six (6) credit hours at the level of Trigonometry or above. Technical Math/I/II accepted; Statistics recommended.

Computer Science: Three (3) credit hours of computer science; microcomputer applications or computer programming recommended. Certain Technical Courses involving Programming may be applicable.

Natural Science: Ten (10) to eleven (11) credit hours of science or engineering courses. Relevant courses include physics, chemistry or biology (physics highly recommended).  Up to six (6) credit hours may be in graphics/drafting/CAD. Of the three courses required, two courses must be in a single field, and the third course must be in a different field. In some cases, certain technology courses might be applied to this requirement.

Humanities and Social Sciences: Nine (9) credit hours. Humanities courses include literature, philosophy (except logic) and history. Social sciences typically include anthropology, geography, political science, psychology, sociology and economics. A minimum of three (3) credit hours in each category is required, and no more than six (6) credit hours in Humanities can be applied at the 100-/200-level.  For Social Sciences, completing one Psychology and one Sociology recommended.

Technical Coursework: Thirty-one (31) credit hours. Candidates with adequate college credit but lacking technical coursework may qualify for admission if they have two or more years of relevant industrial experience.

Admission Procedures

Applying for admission to IIT requires just two steps:

  1. Complete the Transfer Application for Undergraduate Admission
  2. Request official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended. All items should be forwarded to IIT’s Office of Undergraduate Admission, 10 West 33rd Street, Perlstein Hall, Room 101, Chicago IL 60616

To apply for admission, proceed to the UG Admission website

IIT offers rolling admission throughout the year. General application deadlines are August 1 for the fall term and December 1 for the spring term. See UG application deadlines.

For questions about the status of an application, please contact the UG Admission Office at 312.567.3025 or

For questions about the INTM program, please contact the INTM office at 312.567.3650 or