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Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP)

The largest professional association serving the field of logistics and supply chain, focused on developing, advancing and disseminating knowledge and research in supply chain management. The IIT-CSCMP Chicago Roundtable, established in 2012, is the first CSCMP student chapter started at an Illinois university. Student volunteers serve as Chapter Officers to coordinate on and off-campus activities with INTM faculty and staff support.

  • Networking receptions to connect with potential employers
  • Participation in CSCMP’s Recruitment Day
  • Placement in a CSCMP-sponsored Resume Bank
  • Selected students represent INTM as part of a team of other students from different states at CSCMP’s annual global conference for 3,600 professional members, held in different U.S. locations each year.
  • High-quality industry publications, conferences and networking events, and professional education opportunities
  • Online benefits (to include use of the Resume Network (RNW) System, access to online research material). 

INTM sponsors 50 percent ($20) of the first year CSCMP student membership. For a complete list of student benefits, visit Contact Kayla Botica (, INTM Administative Assistant, or email the INTM Office to complete an application.

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