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Building the Future of Industry

Industrial Technology and Management (INTM) is focused on education for industry. In all fields, there are technical specialists who have the smarts, talent and desire to move ahead in their careers, but they are often held back by the lack of an advanced degree, managerial skills, or a broader knowledge of industrial activities. The INTM program offers a bachelor’s and master’s degree for individuals building a career in industry. The curriculum acquaints students with the range of technologies employed in industry and how those tools are best utilized to improve operations, increase productivity and reduce waste. Managerial topics are inherently coupled with applied technology. Students learn how to manage costs, projects, and personnel; analyze operational processes to identify and correct problems; and develop the ‘big picture’ viewpoint required to manage complex and/or sizeable operations.

Improving your Company through Educated Employees

The INTM program can benefit your company by:

  • Boosting the qualifications of a current employee who shows potential for a higher-level position or expanded responsibilities, but lacks an advanced degree.
  • Creating a Certificate or Short-Course(s) for a team, group, or department that needs specialized training.
  • Providing you with employees with a relevant degree and/or a unique skill set who are eager to gain experience and learn more by doing
  • Offering you the perspective of a student who may be doing related research to help you complete a short-term project 

To find employees for a specific job or project, or to talk about your hiring needs, contact Herb Shields , INTM Career Advisor/Adjunct Professor,

Hiring INTM/IIT Students and Graduates

Companies may send job postings to INTM ( with a request for circulation to our students and alumni. Some general facts…

  • All job opportunities are welcome: internships, part-time and full-time positions.
  • INTM students are qualified for a range of technical positions within manufacturing, industrial operations, maintenance (facility/mechanical), construction management, warehousing/distribution, logistics, sustainability, and related enterprises.
  • INTM undergraduate students average over 10 years of work experience and may be candidates for supervisory, mid-level, departmental, or project management positions.
  • INTM graduate students generally hold an undergraduate engineering degree with advanced analytical, math and science skills.  These highly motivated students may be candidates for positions such as manufacturing engineer, supply chain analyst, procurement specialist, project manager/consultant, and others.
  • Many employers hire international students through internships, CPT (co-op) and OPT, due to the many benefits associated with short-term hires. Learn more about Hiring International Students.

become an industry partner

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Meet with one or more departments to discuss hiring needs and requirements.
  • Make a presentation to a student group about industry trends, needs, and opportunities, within and outside of your company or organization.
  • Help with IIT/INTM Professional Development activities and events
  • Participate in an IIT Job Fair, or other events and activities sponsored by IIT Career Services

learn more...

See a Representative List of companies that employ INTM students and alumni (updated bi-annually)

Meet INTM Featured Students and Alumni

To find employees for a specific job or project,  talk about your hiring needs, or discuss hiring issues, contact Herb Shields , INTM Career Advisor/Adjunct Professor,