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INTM's professional bachelor's and master's degrees will build upon your prior academic coursework, training, and technical skills to improve your managerial capabilities, and expand your career opportunities.  

The Bachelor's (BINTM) is a transfer program for technical specialists.  Students transfer to the program after completing an AAS degree or the equivalent training in a technical field at another accredited institution.

The Master's is a  10-course STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program, with no thesis requirement, leading to a degree in Industrial Technology and Operations (MITO).

INTM combines an overview of major industrial activities with in-depth study of topics integral to five specializations: construction technology, facilities management, industrial sustainability, manufacturing technology, and supply chain management. Students may select a single industrial specialization, with a choice of technical electives.

Many students work in industry and bring a range of industrial experience to the classroom.  INTM course instructors are business and industry professionals who know the responsibilities, activities and challenges facing managers in today’s highly competitive global marketplace.