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Master of Industrial Technology and Operations

The Master of Industrial Technology and Operations (MITO) is a professional degree for individuals who plan to make their careers in industry. The MITO program provides up-to-date information on current technologies and modern management approaches used in world-class industrial companies. The curriculum prepares students to move into management, supervisory and staff positions in industry.  MITO is considered a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineeering, and Math) major, allowing F-1 Visa holders to pursue Optional Practical Training (OPT) for up to 36 months.  It blends technology and managerial topics to provide students with the breadth of knowledge required to handle a variety of issues in industrial environments. It is not recommended for those planning to pursue careers in academia or research.

Courses are held weekly in the evenings at Illinois Tech’s Mies Campus in Chicago, and available online.  The online option provides a video-capture of weekly lectures.  Course lectures with designated Internet sections are available for review on-demand 24/7 to admitted students.  For questions regarding online options, contact INTM Program Manager, Pam Houser,

MITO Curriculum

The MITO degree requires completion of 30 semester hours (generally 10 courses). No thesis or research requirements apply. Each student’s program of study is customized to best serve individual career objectives, and an optional industrial specialization may be completed in one of five focus areas.

In consultation with an academic adviser, students choose a mix of general MITO courses and specialization electives. Completion of at least 18 semester hours of 500-level INTM courses is required. Up to 12 semester hours of graduate or senior-level courses in a different field of study may be included in the program of study, but students must be suitably qualified and obtain permission from their adviser(s) and the course instructor(s). Up to 12 semester hours of senior (400-level) courses can be taken as part of the MITO degree. A total of 9 semester hours of graduate-level courses taken outside of Illinois Tech (graded “B” or better) may be transferred toward the MITO degree with adviser approval. These allowances offer our graduate students great flexibility in individualizing their program of study.

Full-time students can complete the program in three to four semesters. Part-time students may proceed at their own pace, but are expected to maintain continuous enrollment until degree requirements are completed.

Graduate and Senior Level MITO Courses

INTM 502 Industrial Engineering Concepts and Applications 
INTM 508 Cost Management
INTM 511 Industrial Leadership
INTM 518 Industrial Risk Management
INTM 520 Applied Strategies for the Competitive Enterprise
INTM 522 Modeling for Decision-Making
INTM 540 Supply Chain Management
INTM 545 Strategic International Business
INTM 551 Data Analytics in Industry

INTM 404 Marketing, Sales and Product Introduction
INTM 410 Operations Management
INTM 425 Human Resource Management
INTM 477 Entrepreneurship in Industry

Electives and Industrial Specializations

Students may choose individual electives as desired to complete their program of study.  A specialization is optional and requires completion of four (4) courses in one focus area.

INTM 413 Contract Administration for Construction Projects INTM 417 Construction Estimating INTM 507 Construction Technology INTM 515 Advanced Project Management
INTM 411 Functional Facilities Management INTM 413 Contract Administration for Construction Projects INTM 515 Advanced Project Management INTM 516 Integrated Facilities Management INTM 523 Sustainable Facilities Operations

INTM 523 Sustainable Facilities Operations
INTM 559 Issues in Industrial Sustainability
INTM 560 Sustainability of Critical Materials
INTM 561 Energy Options in Industry
INTM 562 Special Topics in Sustainability

INTM 406 Quality Control
INTM 436 Lean Manufacturing
INTM 533 Chemical Manufacturing Processes in Industry
INTM 534 Manufacturing 4.0
INTM 535 Performance Management in Food Operations
INTM 537 Smart Factory Automation
INTM 546 Manufacturing and Logistics Information Systems

INTM 427 E-Commerce in Marketing & Supply Chain Networks
INTM 432 Sales and Operations Planning
INTM 509 Inventory Control
INTM 530 Transportation
INTM 542 Warehousing and Distribution
INTM 543 Purchasing
INTM 544 Export/Import
INTM 546 Manufacturing and Logistics Information Systems
INTM 547 Supply Chain Strategies