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Special Projects

Special projects allow Master of Industrial Technology and Operations (MITO) students to apply the principles that they learn about operations management to actual business cases.  INTM faculty advisors help students select a topic that is directly related to their academic and professional goals and interests. Project research may include working in real companies with managers and senior executives in the students’ specialization or chosen industrial sector.  IIT Europe students who come from overseas technical universities to IIT are required to complete a project that also satisfies the graduate level requirements at their home university. Undergraduate students may choose to complete a project, with approval from their faculty advisor.  Students interested in pursuing a graduate special project should make an appointment to discuss their project ideas with the INTM Program Director via email at INTM assigns individual faculty advisors when a project is approved. 

Project and Research Categories

Other Projects


Development of a Business Model for 3D Printed Sunglasses

Analysis of the Performance of a Manufacturing Company

Digital and Additive Manufacturing: Analysis of the new technologies involved and its potential effects in industry and logistics

Machine Share

In Pursuit of Sustainability: Product Design and Manufacturing Optimization


Direct-to-Consumer Strategies for CPG Manufacturers

Alternatives & implementation of DTC strategies for CPG manufacturers

Continuous Process Improvement, Developing an Effective and Efficient Expedite Process

Study of New Technological Innovations and their possible Strategical and Operational Effects on Amazon's Supply Chain

Multi-Criteria Inventory Stratification And Its Linkage To Optimization

Last Mile Logistics: Impact of Customer Service, Delivery Mode and Innovations in B2C Last Mile Shipment Costs

Blockchain in the Supply Chain

Analyis and Study of the Blockchain Technology with a Case Study in Music Industry

Fulfilling Customer Expectations in the Food and Beverage E-Commerce Industry 

Innovative and Leading Technologies in the Supply Chain Management Focusing in Manufacturing Execution Systems

Selection, Implementation and Maintenance Processes of Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) Systems


Pre-LEED Inspection of an Existing Building

Smart Building Technologies: Current and Future

Cost Benefit Analysis LEED and Energy Star

Lithium-ion batteries performance optimization for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) integration in the smart grid

Review of Emerging Technologies for High Rise Office Building Energy Efficiency

INDUSTRIAL Sustainability 

Use of Residual CO2 from Coal-Fired Plants for the Production of Urea as Fertilizer

Intelligent Packaging in the Pharmaceutical Market

Community Shared Solar: Expanding Access to Solar Energy

Change-Factors for U.S. Electrical Energy Resources by 2027-Focus On Wind Power

Cost Benefit Analysis LEED and Energy Star

Finding CO2 Based Geo-Thermal Energy Opportunities

Sustainable Practices Applicable To an Existing Home

The Future of Fuel Systems in the Air Industry

The Organic Supply Chain

Using CO2 as an Insect Control Technique for Greenhouses

OTHER (Finance, Operations Research, Entrepreneurship)

Crowdsourcing for Business

Construction of a Bottle Engraver

Motivation Differences between Students According to the Region of Origin Internationalization Strategies Adopted by Companies with Operations in the U.S. and in Brazil

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