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Networking, Information and Communications Technology / Real-Time Communications (RTC)

ITM students are very fortunate to have the opportunity to use two Real-Time Communications Labs, participate in the Real-Time Communication Conference and Expo, and present student projects in the Real-Time Communications Roundtable.

The ITM curriculum entails student projects and Real-Time Communications is a great example of the success of IIT students. Many of the student projects are mentored by industry experts who help guide the project. In addition to helping you academically, these mentors can offer career assistance, and in some cases, talented students are discovered by mentors and quickly employed.

The RTC labs are architected to be highly configurable and to support multiple projects simultaneously. There are over 30 test positions distributed across the lab tables. Students connect PCs or other specialized equipment to the test positions. The test positions are cabled to patch panels in which connections can be made to common equipment including hubs, switches and routers. Students can create various network configurations and study their effects on quality of service, security, routing and other aspects of VoIP service.

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