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Information Technology and Management Student Resources

Active ITM Documents

All documents are in Adobe Acrobat format; while there may be revisions for some of them in work, these documents are all active and in effect at this time.

ITM Documents for Prospective Students

These documents are of particular interst to prospective students who would like more information about the Information Technology and Management Degree Programs.

Optional ITM Documents

These documents are provided for use but are not required or mandatory unless specifically prescribed by your instructor.

Draft ITM Documents

These documents are currently in draft which means final approval has not been given; they should nevertheless be considered active guidance and should be followed in the absence of other guidelines covering the same material.

  • ITM Co-Terminal Degree programs will allow undergraduates to complete their Bachelor and Master's degrees simultaneously. These programs have been approved by the Undergraduate Studies Committee and are awaiting approval by the Graduate Studies Committee and the Faculty Council. These approvals are expected in the Fall 2012 term.
  • Draft ITM Co-Terminal Degree Programs

Working Papers

These documents are in work or preliminary drafts but are not yet in the draft stage. They may also be important documents from outside sources that have a clear impact on our curriculum. They may also be historical in nature. They are provided purely for information or comments and internal Illinois Tech working documents do not represent active policy or curricula.

  • There are no public working papers currently available.

Transfer Student Resource Documents

These documents are for use by community college students who intend to transfer into the Bachelor of Information Technology & Management degree.

Illinois Tech Undergraduate Academic Affairs Transfer Guidelines for ITM

Other Information Technology Resources

Most other information technology resources for student use will be found on our IT Resource Page, Please submit additional student resources to Ray Trygstad (