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Student Projects

Illinois Tech’s Information Technology and Management program offers an innovative learning experience where students work on cutting-edge projects.  Student projects are mentored by Illinois Tech faculty who guide the progress and ensure that in addition to learning it, students can actually do it.

Projects are not only a great learning experience, but they also help in job interviews. By the time our students graduate, they are able to share with interviewers their participation in several successful projects which can help them get the job and be prepared to become innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders of the future.

Below are examples of recent projects students have worked on as part of their educational experience.

ITM Student Projects

In this paper, KFSensor and Honeyd (two widely-used low-interaction honeypots) and Kippo (a medium-interaction honeypot) are deployed to simulate Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Secure Shell (SSH) services in an isolated, virtual environment.

This project began with a proof of concept tool called Timeshifter, which modified the timing of Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) packets, and concluded with a custom developed tool called BitStegNet that modified the content of BitTorrent packets to communicate covertly through the Micro

The MP4 file has become the most used video media file available, and will mostly likely remain at the top for some time to come, making the MP4 file an interesting candidate for steganography. With its size and structure, it offers a challenge to steganography developers.

This project measures the maximum Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) throughput and rate of sending invite/call with no errors that a SIP proxy can support. We have learned to operate the SIPp tool and also studied the draft RFCs that described the method of testing.

This project describes the development process of a real-time videoconference application with features related to speech recognition including real-time captioning, transcription storage and instant translation.