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Student Projects

Illinois Tech’s Information Technology and Management program offers an innovative learning experience where students work on cutting-edge projects.  Student projects are mentored by Illinois Tech faculty who guide the progress and ensure that in addition to learning it, students can actually do it.

Projects are not only a great learning experience, but they also help in job interviews. By the time our students graduate, they are able to share with interviewers their participation in several successful projects which can help them get the job and be prepared to become innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders of the future.

Below are examples of recent projects students have worked on as part of their educational experience.

ITM Student Projects

Traditionally, programming lighting for music is a tedious task requiring large equipment, bulky controllers, and a technically inclined knowledge of the equipment. Utilizing a Digital Multiplexer (DMX), it wasn’t meant to be directly hooked up to music.

Aquaponics is an agricultural process that combines aquaculture — the keeping of fish and marine life — with hydroponics — the growing of plants in a soil-less media.

Designed to solve the problem of taking attendance in a classroom or an event in the modern wireless world, this project allows more classroom time to be used for instruction. Using NFC readers and Illinois Institute of Technology students’ HAWK ID cards, a low-cost solution was created usin

Travel Buddy is a service­ providing, travel data platform designed for “anyone on two wheels,” with a particular focus on motorcycle use.

Equipped with a set of sensors and some other basic components, this On Your Track (OYT) robot is able to follow a line, making corrections to its path according to the direction the line goes.