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ITM Graduate Information

Welcome back to the Department of Information Technology and Management at IIT! We are excited that you are joining us again this semester.

Important Events and News:

The Department of Information Technology and Management (ITM) and the School of Applied Technology (SAT) is hosting several events for returning and new graduate students. You are encouraged to get involved and participate.

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Each student enrolled in the ITM program is assigned an academic adviser. The role of your advisor is to assist you in monitoring progress toward graduation by fulfilling degree requirements; helping you select courses that meet your individual goals and career objectives; ensuring you take an appropriate, balanced load of technical and nontechnical courses each semester while meeting all course prerequisites; and dealing with problems such as the need to drop a course, academic probation, and so on. Please see your advisor for academic problems you encounter that you don’t know how to resolve.

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Important Materials for ITM Graduate Students

ITM Curriculum & Graduation Requirements

ITM students are expected to read and understand the following materials.

ITM Graduate Bulletin - Within the ITM graduate Bulletin, you will find all ITM course offerings, degrees, specializations, certificates, prerequisites and program requirements.

See the ITM Graduate Bulletin

ITM Graduate Student Handbook – This document outlines the policies and guidelines for which ITM students are expected to adhere. Outlined below are sections that we would like to highlight as they are of significant importance.

  • Academic Honesty: Pages 2-4
  • Program and Course Prerequisites: Page 4
  • Online Courses and Policies: Page 11

See the ITM Graduate Student Handbook

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Graduation Requirements

If you plan to graduate from ITM you must submit an online graduation application by the deadline for the semester of graduation. Deadlines are published in the Academic Calendar

If you fail to apply by the last late application date, you will have to defer your graduation until the following semester and you must apply by the deadline for that semester.

A student has the ultimate responsibility to fulfill all graduation requirements as specified in the IIT Bulletin in effect at the time of admission to IIT. This includes completing all the curriculum requirements for the degree and complying with all academic and administrative rules governing the specific degree program.

Learn more about graduation deadlines and requirements from IIT graduate academic affairs