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Web Design and Application Development

Course Number Course Title
Required courses (15 hours):
ITMD 534 Human/Computer Interaction
ITMD 562 Web Application Development
ITMD 565 Rich Internet Applications
ITMD 567 Web Systems Integration
ITMM 582 Business Innovation
AND 6 hours chosen from the following:
ITMD 513 Open Source Programming
ITMD 515 Advanced Software Development
ITMD 519 Topics in Software Development
ITMD 553 Enterprise Intelligent Device Applications
ITMD 554 Mass-Market Intelligent Device Applications
ITMD 555 Intelligent Device Applications
ITMD 563 Intermediate Web Application Development
ITMD 564 Advanced Web Application Development
ITMD 566 Service-Oriented Architectures
ITMD 569 Topics in Application Development
COM 525 Research and Usability Testing
TECH 565 Introduction to Social Commerce