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General Course of Study

Students not completing a specialization must select 3 hours from each of the following core topics:

Subject: Software Development

Course Number Course Title
Topic: Programming
ITMD 510 Object Oriented Application Development
ITMD 512 Structured and Systems Programming
ITMD 515 Advanced Software Development

Subject: System Technologies

Course Number Course Title
Topic: Application Development
ITMD 553 Enterprise Intelligent Device Applications
ITMD 554 Structured and Systems Programming
ITMD 555 Mass-Market Intelligent Device Applications
ITMD 565 Rich Internet Applications
ITMD 566 Service-Oriented Architectures
ITMT 593 Embedded Systems
Topic: Information Systems Technologies
ITMO 533 Enterprise Server System Administration
ITMO 553 Open Source Server System Administration
ITMO 556 Rich Internet Applications
ITMS 558 Operating System Security
Topic: Information Technology Architectures
ITMO 540 Introduction to Data Networks and the Internet
ITMO 554 Operating System Virtualization
ITMS 548 Cyber Security Technologies
IITMT 535 Data Center Architecture

Subject: Business Development

Course Number Course Title
Topic: Design
ITMD 511 Application Development Methodologies
ITMD 532 UML Based Software Development
ITMD 534 Human/Computer Interaction
ITMT 531 Object Oriented System Analysis, Modeling and Design
Topic: Management
ITMM 570 Fundamentals of Management for Technology Professionals
ITMM 571 Project Management for Information Technology Management
ITMM 574 Information Technology Management Frameworks
ITMM 575 Networking & Telecommunications Management
ITMS 578 Cyber Security Management
Topic: Innovation
ITMM 581 IT Entrepreneurship
ITMM 582 Business Innovation
ITMD 535 Human/Computer Interaction Design

Note: Core courses that also apply to a specialization will still fulfill the core course requirement.