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Specialization Topics

Illinois Tech Information Technology and Management offers 11 specializations and a general course of study. Specializations allow you to concentrate studies in areas of interest to you and your career goals. Specializations are career-focused and can make you more qualified for future employment. We encourage you to review the specializations, career opportunities, and meet with an adviser to determine which program is right for you. Also listed is the Master of Cyber Forensics and Security, which is not a specialization, but is a separate master’s degree.

Cyber, System and Network Security and Forensics

This specialization focuses on application, data, and network security and the management of information technology security.

Data Management and Analytics

Design, development and administration of data resources to improve traditional and Internet-based data management including the use of predictive modeling and “Big Data” samples and populations to solve complex real-world problems

Digital Systems Technology and Embedded Systems

Design and production of digital applications, intelligent devices, embedded systems and smart technologies used for sophisticated operations in business and industry.

IT Entrepreneurship and Management

Managerial, entrepreneurial and innovation skills needed to launch and maintain a new enterprise

Management Information Systems

Design and creation of information systems that management can use to make organizations more efficient and effective

Networking, Information and Communications Technology

This specialization focuses on network applications and management.

Software Development

This specialization focuses on programming and the development of sophisticated applications.

System Administration

This specialization focuses on the administration and management of servers.

Systems Analysis

This specialization focuses on the administration and management of servers.

Web Design and Application Development

Design and development of fully-interactive websites and online applications for Internet deployment

General Course of Study

Ideal for undecided students; start general and determine a specialization later