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Digital Systems Technology and Embedded Systems

Digital Systems Technology & Embedded Systems at Illinois Tech

Illinois Institute of Technology’s (IIT) Digital Systems Technology is a graduate degree specialization that includes coursework covering intelligent devices, distributed sensor networks, mesh networking, the Internet of things, and embedded systems.

As a student you will learn a wide variety of digital applications and develop a high level of technical knowledge and skills that are needed for the smart technology. You will learn about semiconductors, analog and digital electronics, and how it is combined with computer programming languages such as C+ and Java and devices such Arduino and Raspberry Pi to produce smart technology that is commonly used for sophisticated operations in business and industry.

Digital systems technologies are increasingly being used in industrial controls, home automation, automobiles, aircraft, physical security systems and other devices.The masters degree program prepares students and experienced information technology professionals become better versed at technology and business principles so they become better managers and leaders. Coursework will enhance your technology skills and prepare you for leadership and management by giving you a better understanding of digital systems and how they are used by the people who rely on them.

What Will I Learn?

The curriculum emphasizes a comprehensive understanding of issues such as operating system design implementation; intelligent device applications; embedded systems; application development methodologies; introduction to data networks and the Internet; network administration and operations; wireless technologies and applications; cloud computing technologies; telecommunications technology; voice communications over data networks; intelligent device projects; rich Internet applications; C+ and computers in industry.

Where Will I Take Classes?

Courses are offered by IIT’s School of Applied Technology and are taught by experts in the field with significant academic knowledge and years of experience in managing digital, distributed and embedded systems in business, industry and government service.

Career Outlook

A degree in Information Technology and Management with a specialization in Digital Systems Technology and Embedded Systems provides you with knowledge and skills that qualifies you for a variety of careers in the Information Technology field.

  • Digital System Architect
  • Digital System Manager
  • Embedded Developer
  • Embedded Programmer
  • Embedded Software Engineer
  • Embedded Software Architect, Computation Sensing
  • Smart Systems Administrator

This is a list of actual Information Technology positions that you may obtain as a result of completing your degree. This list is not comprehensive, and is not a guarantee of employment, but is meant to introduce you to the variety of possible career choices available to ITM degree graduates.

Students from this program are highly recruited by private and public sectors.

Popular Courses in Digital Systems Technology & Embedded Systems

ITMD 511 Application Development Methodologies
ITMO 540 Introduction to Data Networks and the Internet
ITMO 541 Network Administration and Operations
ITMO 542 Wireless Technologies and Applications
ITMO 544 Cloud Computing Technologies


Courses are offered by IIT’s School of Applied Technology and IIT Chicago-Kent College of
Law and are taught by experts in the field with significant academic knowledge and years of
experience in the Digital Systems Technology and Embedded Systems realm in both industry and government



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