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Web Design and Application Development

Web Design & Application Development at Illinois Tech

Illinois Institute of Technology's (IIT) Web Design and Application Development undergraduate degree, graduate degree, and certificate program includes coursework covering web design, web development, web programming, online application development, mobile application development, content management systems, with a blend of technology and management.

It is designed to help students and experienced information technology professionals become web designers, web application developers, managers and leaders.

Coursework will enhance your technology skills, prepare you for leadership and management and provide a better understanding of web design and online application development.

What Will I Learn?

The curriculum emphasizes a comprehensive understanding of issues such as Internet technologies, web design, mobile application development, information design, human/computer interaction, web application development, open source programming, software development, network administration and operations, rich internet applications, service-oriented architectures, application development, project management, research and usability testing, user interface design, software programming, web scripting, Java, C#/.net development and cloud computing.

Where Will I Take Classes?

Courses are offered live and online by IIT's School of Applied Technology and are taught by experts in the field with significant academic knowledge and years of experience in the web design and application development realm in both industry and government service.  The graduate degree and certificate may be completed entirely online.

Career Outlook

A degree in Information Technology and Management with a specialization in Web Design and Applications Development provides you with knowledge and skills that qualifies you for a variety of careers in the Information Technology field.

  • Web Administrator
  • Web Analyst
  • Web Applications
  • Web Applications Architect
  • Web Applications Developer
  • Web Applications Manager

This is a list of actual Information Technology positions that you may obtain as a result of completing your degree. This list is not comprehensive, and is not a guarantee of employment, but is meant to introduce you to the variety of possible career choices available to ITM degree graduates.

Students from this program are highly recruited by private and public sectors.

Popular Courses in Web Design & Application Development

COM 525 Research and Usability Testing
ITMD 461 Internet Technologies & Web Design
ITMD 513 Open-Source Programming
ITMD 515 Advanced Software Development
ITMD 534 Human/Computer Interaction


Courses are offered by IIT’s School of Applied Technology and IIT Chicago-Kent College of
Law and are taught by experts in the field with significant academic knowledge and years of
experience in the Web Design and Application Development realm in both industry and government



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