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Abdullah Suhail

Addison, IL
Information Technology and Management
Data Center Operations and Management
Graduation Year
May 2018 (Anticipated)



Why did you come to Illinois Tech?

Illinois Tech is one of the foremost technological and engineering schools in the world. After speaking to Professor Trygstad, ITM Undergraduate Advisor for ITM, I fell in love with the Masters in Data Center Operations and Management degree. After speaking with several family members and friends, and considering everything I heard about the Illinois Institute of Technology, I was convinced it was the best place for me to pursue my academic interests.

Why did you choose your major and specialization?

Ever since I came here from India in 2001 and saw my first computer, I have been fascinated by how they work. A push of a button instigates the whir of the machine and allowed colorful pictures to fill up the monitor. It seemed like magic and I wanted to know the secret. When I first began college, my major was Biology. Fortunately, I soon realized that Biology just wasn’t my passion so I switched my major to Information Technology. It was definitely the second best decision I have ever made - the first was coming to Illinois Tech!

What is your favorite thing about being a student at Illinois Tech?

Illinois Tech makes me feel I am doing something good with my life. It is obvious that Illinois Tech’s reputation precedes itself. Knowing I am part of a school that is preparing me for a career in a field I love is definitely my favorite thing about being a student at Illinois Tech.

How has Illinois Tech helped you?

Firstly, Illinois Tech courses have taught me a lot. The classes I’ve taken so far have allowed me to immerse myself in programming languages such as Java, Python, C, C++, and the database management language, SQL. Secondly, Illinois Tech courses have strengthened my work ethic. Illinois Tech did not earn its reputation by offering its students vapid courses. Most courses at Illinois Tech are challenging and demand vitality and conviction in order for one to excel. This learning is a skill one can carry for the rest of their life.

How are the courses like? How do they help you? (Prepare for jobs/career)

As I mentioned before, courses at Illinois Tech are not for the timid; they require gumption and ingenuity to succeed. The classes I have taken at Illinois Tech so far have been challenging. They require my full concentration and time, but reward me with a better understanding of the subject material. The ability to learn, gain and retain knowledge is something I’ll use not only in school and work, but in all facets of life.

How is campus life? What do you like to do?

My favorite thing to do at Illinois Tech during my downtime is to kick back at one of the Galvin Library’s sofas with a Jimmy John’s sub. It’s simple and uninspired, but it feels fantastic!

Thinking about the resources provided to you by your Department (labs, faculty, networking and career events, competitions), what do you find most valuable and why?

ThThe most valuable thing the ITM department offers is qualified instructors. Each ITM course, I’ve taken so far the professors have ample knowledge of the course material and an innate ability to convey their knowledge to their students.

What were your concerns about coming to Illinois Tech?

When I first heard about Illinois Tech, I was only focused on tuition costs. After I learned that Illinois Tech tuition was upwards of $40,000 dollars, I had little hope of being able to afford Illinois Tech. After speaking with Professor Trygstad, I learned of many scholarships Illinois Tech provides, including the transfer scholarship, which can cover a significant portion of the tuition costs. At orientation, new students were informed that Illinois Tech provides some form of scholarship to every single student. The scholarship is meant as faith in our abilities as both future Scarlet Hawks and Academics. This resonated with me deeply because I realized that if my school had so much faith in me, failure wasn’t an option.

Do/did you have an on-campus job? If so, what?

I don’t have a job as of right now, but I hope to use my federal work-study grant to obtain employment next semester.

What is your proudest moment as a student?

My proudest moment at Illinois Tech was getting a 4.0 my first semester. Even though I have a 4.0 right now this does not mean I can slack off. If anything, I have to work even harder because my courses will only become more challenging.

If I could do 1 thing over again it would be.

I have made mistakes in my life, but I regret most not following my passion when I first entered college. I chose Biology as my major even though I wasn’t inspired by it. If I could go back in time, I would have chosen Information Technology as my major right off the bat.

What is the biggest challenge you faced as a student?

I can’t say that anything has been particularly challenging for me at Illinois Tech other than the courses. While they are challenging, students support and help each other quite a bit. I am lucky enough to have ample time to complete my school work since I don’t have a job as of right now. However, that might soon change since I am currently looking for work.

Advice for other students:

Stay focused and remain determined. If you are like me, you chose your major for a reason. If you want to be successful in the future, you need to find a way to persevere. If you let yourself slip, you’ll find yourself with a myriad of insipid work and lackluster performance, both of which are detrimental to your academic and professional future. What I mean to say is to keep your vim and vigor alive. Have fun when you can, but when the time comes to study, buckle down and do it. Balance is key. If you can master that, everything else will be cake.

SmartLab Student Projects

Our team was given the task of develop an electronic prototype covering the elements learned in the Embedded Systems course. These elements are electricity, data collection, data transmission, and data presentation. To do this, we created an electronic version of the board game Go.

EcoTower takes Hydroponic farming to the next level by using technology to self-regulate plant growth. Hydroponics is the science of giving a plant the necessities for growth and longevity.

Technology has brought the benefits of incorporated multi-sensor equipment to the masses. Although, the application of sensors and their associated systems has increased and transformed the world forever, the fundamentals of the main sensor types and their functionality has not.

This project is the outcome of multiple semesters work with ComEd to develop a reliable sensor platform.

As an Information Technology student and a person very much interested in Art, it was easy for me to be hooked by Digital Art. Project Aura was an idea that stemmed from my passion for Technology and Art.